Saturday, April 18, 2015


A sunny day in London town tra laaa... Actually, an afternoon. I took this photo as we walked from the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square to Piccadilly and the Royal Academy of Art. When I worked as a temporary secretary during the early years of my marriage, I had a job in this area and so enjoyed it. Yes, I love London!

After soaking up all that art, food for the soul, it was time to take in some food and drink for the body. We took a bus through the theatre district and walked along Neal Street towards Covent Garden. I was fascinated to experience this familiar part anew, as it has changed so much since the days I was a student at the Royal Ballet School and would often go to the Royal Opera House.

This photo shows the stage door. Certainly modernized!

But the facade of the Opera House is still the same. I must confess to feeling a pang of longing to be inside, sitting in the audience watching that wonderful ballerina Natalia Osipova when we passed by!  

Nostalgia can feel like an indulgence, but sometimes it's fun to visit old haunts, don't you think? My next blog entry will reverse my journey, in that I'll be back in Cape Town. See you there!

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