Monday, August 20, 2012

Starting the week on a positive note

I'm beginning to accept the fact that my stories need time, a lot of time, to get where they need to be. Which makes me think of Katherine Govier. When she looked at the first chapters of 'Cape Town' some years ago she advised: 'Remember, you have time. All the time in the world'.

What a pity I didn't believe her!

Right now I'm busy with a rewrite of another manuscript that's dear to my heart. Trouble is, I have too many different versions. Looking through them all is giving me brain fog, let alone crossed eyes.

So I've gone right back to basics. I'm bringing to mind again what I really want to say and explore with this book, thinking back to my original inspiration. And that's helping.

Meanwhile, I did that thing authors are not supposed to do. Wondering if there was anything new about 'Cape Town' on the web, this morning I googled myself (more like goggled, as my CP used to call it). I came across a comment I'd missed which really gave me a boost. Here's the link if you care to check it out:

Scroll down to see the comment.

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