Sunday, November 11, 2012

Playing Catch Up

During October, I did a big push to finish my revision for a new young adult novel. This meansvery little time was spent surfing the web. Only today did I discover something. The wonderful Helen Kubiw, who writes the blog CanLitforLittleCanadians, included 'Cape Town' on her YA book list for the International Day of the Girl. So, tonight I'm feeling very honoured.

Check it out if you like at

Having reached that goal for October, I've now given myself permission to start writing something new. Not that I haven't got another revision to dig into, but since it's Nano, I'm spending a bit of time every day spinning a new story. Oooo, I do love the creative process!

In other news, last Thursday I did my first ever school visit. According to the teacher, this was a big success, so there it goes, zooming past as I drive along in the dark... another milestone for my writing life!

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