Monday, November 5, 2012

What November has brought so far.

Yesterday I drove through the soft yellow, browns and greys of our almost-winter landscape to go to Kingston. This was for the book launch of a dear friend who's always been very supportive of my writing. She has published a slim volume called 'Prayers for Women Who Can't Pray', out from Wintergreen Press.

Only recently have I really begun to realize what it means to an author if invitees actually attend their launches. I know how much I appreciated the support I received for the launch of 'Cape Town'. Friends and writing friends as well as staff from the South African High Commission came to the event, and I still recall the occasion with gratitude. Launches are celebratory, that's for sure!

When my first novel 'At Your Service, Jack', a humourous romance, came out,  I did a book signing but no launch. The late Katherine Witmer, who was a reviewer for Romantic Times, said it was one of the best-written romances she'd read.

Now, ten years later, my second romcom has been released from Crimson Romance. This is only in ebook for the moment, so again, I won't be having a launch party. Take a look on their website if you're interested. Here's the link:

And the cover pic:

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