Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Flora and Fauna

The photos I want to share with you today have no direct bearing on 'Sailing for Trouble', but I hope you'll enjoy them anyway. Next week, Alexa and I will be back on Leisure Isle for a bit more treasure hunting. But here are some of the plants and creatures she will surely have enjoyed on her meanderings. First of all the 'March' lily... also mentioned in my SA-set novel 'Cape Town'.

and here are some guinea fowl with their babies, that I caught by the side of the road. These feature in my children's story about Grace in the Cape, still to be revised and published.

I think this is known as 'Pride of the Cape', but I'm not sure. Help, anybody?

And lastly, the pet donkeys at my nephew's small-holding. It's so fun, the way they look into the house over the bottom of the stable door! Pete is a master cabinet maker, and I 'borrowed' his profession for my story, but definitely not his character... nor his (good) looks, for that matter!

A question... when did you last see a donkey? Apart from these, I saw some when we visited New Zealand a couple of years ago. Other than that... few and far between.

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