Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A fishy business

My own visit to Knysna and environs has just about run out of photos, so here are a last few which I hope will be of interest.

First of all... the treasure hunt! Here's where Alexa wanders, checking on the various boat markers. You can see a couple in the pic.

And now, back to the yacht club where members can enjoy a delicious and cheap curry and rice lunch. As for me, however, I was on the hunt for fish fresh out of the ocean because that's a real treat around the Cape coast. I turned off the causeway towards the marine right opposite this sign:

and parked in front of this sign, thinking a cup of latte would hit the spot.

It took me a while to realize Zak wasn't offering coffee, but fencing! An attractive solution, don't you think?

And here's the actual fish shop and restaurant, adorned with latte and genuine fishing nets. To the right you can get a glimpse of tables and benches where you can sit and enjoy a reasonably-priced and delicious fish dish... including that luxury crustacean of these waters, crayfish. And no, lobster isn't as tasty, believe me.

Lastly, here are the incredibly skilled workers who prepare the fish... and somehow manage to keep cheerful while doing it! I bought hake and man, was it good.      

So there you are, folks, some insider knowledge for next time you visit Knysna. Enjoy!

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