Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Did a fun interview!

This week, I'm setting aside revisions and starting to re-orientate towards 'Dance to Remember', Charmaine's story. But Alexa is still on my mind, and if you'd like to read a fun interview I did with Amberly Smith, here's the link:

To my surprise, being interviewed is something I really enjoy, especially when I have enough time to think about my answers. Off the cuff is not my forte. If you're interested, here's one I did back in 2012 after my novel 'Cape Town' came out.

And now, in my mind I'm gonna... not Carolina, (hums tune), but back to Cape Town. When I was there last February the great fire on Table Mountain and others had just died down. Here's a painting from Richard Ian Heys that depicts something of what they were like, even though it's titled 'Fire on the Moors':

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