Wednesday, November 11, 2015

From my Knysna Archive

I find myself reluctant to leave my main setting for 'Sailing for Trouble' and feel the need the linger in this lovely place... maybe because it's a gloomy day here, and the leaves have fallen... except for a few clinging onto the lilac in our garden.

So once again I have three photos to share with you. The first is for lunch time... here we are at the Heads cafe, a delightful and delicious place to eat such fare as bobotie, or fish and chips, and of course, carrot or cheesecake. In the pic you see across the waters of the lagoon to the Western headland. I leave it to your imagination to look left out to sea, over the bar where the waves crashing on rocks send spray high into the air. To the right you'd see Leisure Isle, and the town of Knysna with the hills beyond in the distance.

And now, talking of leaves, this is a view out the window of my room. My mother always claimed the weather was like in Camelot in that the rain usually fell at night.

And lastly, here's the waterfront and marina which Alexa explores soon after arriving in Knysna, and where she buys the wire chameleon. In the background is the restaurant she visits with Roger.

I'm sad that I didn't think to take a pic of the vendors who display their colourful and whimsical wares on cloths along the bricked pathway.

Imagine you're there right now, and about to head to the booth to buy an ice-cream cone... rum and raisin flavour. Yum!

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