Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Blame it on my dad

I can't remember exactly, but maybe it was in my mid-teens when my dad gave me a copy of Georgette Heyer's 'These Old Shades' to read. Gradually over the years I've collected all her historical novels. 'Friday's Child' is still my go-to book for when I need to zone out and chuckle.

So I guess it's not so surprising that I love writing romantic comedy, although I don't do historical (not yet, anyhow!) In my early fiction days, when I'd finished the first draft of 'Cape Town' and was having difficulty getting my head around the publishing industry, I started a story that became 'At Your Service, Jack'. While writing I thought 'Well, even if I never get published, at least I'm amusing myself.'

One of my favorite reader comments? "It was very funny."

Laughter is surely one of the major leavens that brighten up our everyday lives.

All this to say that I have an upcoming ebook release. To put you in the picture (kind of, see above) here's a hint:

But no, this is not the cover for 'Catch of the Day', coming out from Crimson Romance on the 5th November. Remember, remember! However, the couple do spend time in a small boat, on a lake and  
my hero, Paul George Ringo Johnson, serenades his lady.

She's known by both her forenames: Serendipity, Jade. I had a whole riff going on with Beatles' song lyrics, but had to cut because of copyright issues. Wishing in a way that one had stayed in, because, according to this article in the Guardian newspaper: gu.com/p/3bxex#1ref/tf it's literature's #1 music reference.

Still, I think there's plenty to chuckle over in this story.

(Sorry about the formatting. Not sure what happened there.)

See you on the other side of my screen very soon!

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